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Friday, June 09, 2006

"Mysteries of Pittsburgh" Movie

I've heard of author Michael Chabon and his novels, but have not read them. This news item did catch my interest however. His book Mysteries of Pittsburgh is apparently being made into a motion picture and doggone if they aren't going to film it here in Pittsburgh. See here.

That's cool. Frankly, I can't understand why all movies aren't filmed here. Every single movie should be made in Pittsburgh, PA. For one thing, we boast the 16th most beautiful skyline in the world. See here.

Moviemakers would save a ton of cash from shooting here rather in that gold-plated brothel Hollywood. And we've got everything. The hills, the rivers. Swanky urban settings. Depressed inner city scenes. Old neighborhoods. More old neighborhoods. Cool architecture. Museums, libraries and parks. Lots of old people. Lots and lots of bars. We even have a real captured Nazi submarine at the Science Center.

And another thing. Not only should all motion pictures be filmed here. But all people should live here. If you live somewhere now that is not Pittsburgh, you should move. You might even get to be in a movie.

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Wendy said...

I am reading Chabon's book "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay." It's the first Chabon I've read. I'm not far into it, but so far it's good.

Chaz said...


That's a great book! I've also read another of his (though not the whole thing) that was very good. The title isn't coming to me but it was about baseball.

Chabon is definitely an enjoyable author.

The Heresy Hunter said...

Yes, but Toronto, where I'm from originally, is number seven, and not only should all movies be made there, but they are - for the same reasons you give for Pittsburgh, plus cost!

Anonymous said...

I guess you've never read Mysteries of Pittsburgh or you might not be so excited-- lots of gay characters and gay themes.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" actually being filmed in Pittsburgh. As a native of the burg' and having read the book in college i'll be curious to see how it's adapted to the screen. Chabon has a masterful way of capturing 20 something's sexual tension and confusion. Plus the novel read very quickly, with great pacing. Hopefully the director can recreate that. Oh and get over it, there's gay themes in almost every piece of literature. Can't wait to see Mena Suvari as the punk rock librarian Phlox.

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