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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gotta Have 'Em Songs

So, if you were about to spend ... oh approximately 17 hours on a plane to Seoul, Korea then about five more hours on a plane to Vladavostok, Russia and then another four or five hours again to Petropovlovsk, Russia - y'know, give or take - what TEN killer songs would you absolutely positively have to have on your iPod?

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Anonymous said...

The hymns of Martin Luther and anything from Bach. :-)

The Cubicle Reverend said...

u2 - angel of harlem

Christ Tomlin i think - Amazing Love

Jars Of Caly - Faith Like A Child and Unforgetful You

Cat Power - Living Proof

Great Big Sea - Lukey's Boat

Supertones - Supertones strike back

Petra - God Gave Rock and Roll

Dave Brubeck - anything by him

Luther Allison - Little Red Rooster

Rev. Todd Peperkorn said...

Back in the USSR seems apropos...

Squish In Slovakia said...

Hello Pastor,

Take it from me I haven't flown to Seoul but enough 10 hour JFK to Vienna flights I'd say you have to prepare for all moods. I'd take some John Denver (don't laugh I'm serious). Then I am guessing I would probably take some Kenny G. (you're laughing aren't you) and then probably some good church music (no specific recommendations right now since you are already laughing out loud). I find that just thinking about my favorite church songs with even the organ playing in my head (e.g. I Know That My Redeemer Lives, What A Friend I Have In Jesus, Sent Forth By God's get the picture) keeps me focused.

God bless your trip and I think you already know what you will bring away from this experience is more than you can possibly give.

Wendy said...

No Cube, he'd rather have Rant and Roar by Great Big Sea. ;)

And he'd also want "Driving With The Brakes On" by Del Amitri.

Carl said...

The poems of John Donne on audio for use not only on the plane, but also when arriving in Russia (for those folk able to understand English!) I listen to these at least once a week, esply the divine
poems. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Good question. I haven't really thought about my favorite songs of all time, but here are several that have been going through my head for a while:

Stereophonics--Maybe Tomorrow
Doves--Last Broadcast
South--Motiveless Crime
Sting--St Augustine in Hell
John Mayer--Clarity
Pink Floyd--Coming Back to Life
Zero 7--When It Falls
DJ Shadow--Midnight In A Perfect World
Rolling Stones--Gimme Shelter

Like I said, just a few songs I've been thinking about lately. In real life I'd hate to have to chose a small number of songs (or discs) to take with me. It'd be too hard.

Thankfully, with iPods we can take hundreds of cd's with us in one hand.

scott adle

Paul, in South Park said...

hey pastor!

how 'bout takin' the following:

dave brubek - take five
eric clapton - presence of the Lord
buddy guy - feels like rain
jimmy vaughn - sweet soul vibe
george harrison - while my guitar
gently weeps
don wharton - saved by grace
"Of the Father's love begotten"
and, and, and...
the song you mentioned in a recent
blog...AXL Rose's version!!!
heh, heh, heh.

Der Bettler said...

If you have that much time (and your iPod has enough storage), might I recommend a concept album? It's something nice when you have a lot of time; sometimes rock bands were able to express things in concept albums they couldn't in radio-length songs.

I suggest:

The Wall, Pink Floyd
Days of Future Passed, The Moody Blues
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles
Paradise Theater, Styx
Tommy, The Who
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars, David Bowie

Anonymous said...

I like der bettler's concept album idea, except I'd choose "Animals" for the Pink Floyd pick, and "Quadrophenia" for the Who pick. And, as a Radiohead fan, I'd have to add "OK Computer" to the list.

scott adle

Rick Krueger said...

Albums for me as well:

Praetorius, Christmas Mass

Bach, St. Matthew Passion

Britten, War Requiem

something by Shostakovich (your pick)

Beatles, Rubber Soul

Emerson Lake & Palmer, Brain Salad Surgery

Genesis, Wind and Wuthering

King Crimson, The Power to Believe

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

John Coltrane, A Love Supreme

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