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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Movie with Christian Elements Deemed Offensive

Well, it's finally happening. Once upon a time, movies received the PG rating for profanities, sexual element, or mature themes. Now a film, with presumably none of these qualities, is receiving the Parental Guidance warning because . . . (drum roll) . . . it talks about Jesus and God and stuff. And particularly in a favorable manner. We're afraid, you see, that non-Christians might be offended. I sincerely doubt that practicing Jews, Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs will have any troubles since they will see that religious restrictions on Christians will harm them as well. So who are we worried about? Not atheists. No, it's the anti-theists, the secularists. These are the people for whom anti-theism is their governing philosophy (might we say it's their religion?).

But to be honest, I'm not all that outraged. Oh, it's nonsense. Don't get me wrong. But isn't this EXACTLY what we should expect? Jesus said that the world that hated him will hate us as well. The cross is an offense, a stumbling block.

The early Christians were hated and despised, first by the Jewish authorities and then by the Romans. Why? Because they professed belief in Jesus as the Messiah who died on the cross as a blood atonement for sin and rose again to reign at the right hand of God the Father.

I say, "Woe to you if the world loves you. And blessed are you when the world hates you for Christ's sake." Well, actually, Jesus said that.

Thanks to Darrell at SouthCon and Film Geeks for the heads up.

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Carl said...

You're sounding like Ann Coulter in
her book, "Godless". Are you talking about the "libs" out there?
I personally can't wait to get some cash together to purchase her
book. From what I've heard about it, she's "right on!" about the libs!

Carl said...

Here's a review of her book by the author herself: It's a hoot!

Pastor Beisel said...

Thanks for the reminder, Scott. We should not be surprised when these things happen. We should be surprised when Christianity seems to "win." Perhaps a little bit wary, too.

It's funny, but just as Christianity itself does not make sense from a human standpoint, neither does the persecution and suppression of the Truth. We suffer just because we are members of christ's Body. The Word suffers violence just because it is the Word of God. Christ suffered because He was the Christ. It doesn't make sense.

Darrell said...

I say, "Woe to you if the world loves you. And blessed are you when the world hates you for Christ's sake." Well, actually, Jesus said that.

Yeah, you're right about that. I wasn't really outraged by the item, either... just irked.

I try to remind myself when things like this happen that I follow a Savior who said that if the world hates me I should remember that it hated him first. A Savior who didn't say "get on a soapbox" but, instead, said "take up your cross." It's tough to remember that sometimes, especially for people like me who love to jump up on a soapbox.

Dude, doing this Christianity thing... really doing it right.... man, it's tough! Bonhoeffer was right; "cheap grace" is so much easier to go for than the real thing!

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