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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Best Burger's in the World

I'm back in my hometown area, Kansas City, MO, doing a bit of recruiting for the seminary. I do love being here. One thing I'd nearly forgotten about is the legendary Winstead's burger joint. I'm glad to see there are some new locations, but this place is pretty unique to Kansas City. There just happens to be one near my hotel. I haven't eaten there yet, but will probably for dinner tonight. They have arguably the best steakburgers in the world and the awesomest chocolate malts named The Frosty long before there ever was such thing as Wendy's. They've been in business since 1940.

If you ever come to Kansas City, MO, there are a few must sees. One is the excellent art museum, the Nelson Atkins gallery. I've been to art museums all of the nation and the one in KC is one of the best. Another is Gate's Bar-B-Q. But if you don't at least once at Winstead's, there's something wrong.

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Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Winsteads. Ah yes.

They have a "skyscraper" or some sort of ice sundae from heaven that requires at least four people to eat it. Guaranteed headache for a day. :)

You'll also want to look up Smokehouse BBQ, which is in several locations in Kansas City. The meat is great, the beans even better, but the mild, medium, and hot bbq sauces will have you asking for the mail order form so you can send some home. You're going to want more than the 3 oz. the TSA lets you take with you.

Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer said...

Mmmm. Burgers.

suanneinchina said...

Yes, I had Winstead's a few weeks ago when I was in KC. Good stuff! Don't for get the tenderloin sandwich at Big Boy on 40 Hwy. Always one of my favorites.

Peter said...

This post really hit me where I live. Thanks. I'm hungry, and I'd love to be going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come . . . ya, ya.

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