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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Candy Coating Jesus

A great pal has this short insightful post on his blog, The Lutheran Logomaniac.

In case you've wondered at the recent scarcity of posts here, I have been putting most of my blogging energy recently into the new seminary admission department blog called Concordia TheoBLOGical Seminary. Come pay a visit.

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Frank said...

FYI, I’m not sure if its just what’s coming through my server but I cant see sem’s blog when using Internet Explorer, the page just comes up blank. Firefox and Safari read it just fine.

I thought the site was dead so I haven’t been there in a while, now I know better.

Frank said...

IE sees the blog now, whatever you did... or maybe it was my computer.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Hi Frank,
No, it wasn't your computer. Thank you for the tip. I might not have noticed that for a long time, as I do everything through the Firefox browser.

I don't really understand computers. But looking into the problem (which I had as well once I viewed it in IE), there is something called validating your page. Not everything that works in Firefox automatically works in IE.

I found some online tools to help me and thankfully the solution was not complicated. It only took me about 5 hours to figure it out. :)

One of my recent posts had been originally written in MS WORD. I just cut and pasted it into Wordpress for the seminary blog. Firefox was cool with that. IE had a conniption fit. The formatting was all wrong or something. So I just went through the html view of the post on the Wordpress software and removed all code. And TA-DA!! Now it's fine. (Death to Microsoft).

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