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Monday, June 11, 2007

Controversial Sopranos Ending

Anyone care to opine about the... uh... unexpected ending to television's most talked about series? Join the blog-versation. Leave your comments. I'll chime in later. Spoilers allowed.

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katie said...

It was pretty brilliant. I spent the final scene concocting my own scenario, wondering about every possible clue, from the songs Tony was considering from the juke box, to the people entering the diner, to Meadow trying to park--everything was a clue, and all adding up to a zillion possibilities. Talk about tension! Talk about manipulation!
I think that's the ending: not only do you not see the whack coming, you don't see the next moment of life coming. Doors open; people come in and pass you by; you wait, you eat, you talk. One day, you die.
Sometimes, we forget that very resistible fact.
One of the most interesting aspects of last night's show, way before the ending, was how easily the family all fell back into the patterns of their lives when they assumed the pressure was off. The pressure was certainly not off for me. I only assumed Tony's guard was down, and he was in even greater danger--the danger that would culminate in a bang-up ending.
Well, what did I know? All I can say is, I didn't see that whack coming.

katie said...

Or: it was just a show, and now it's over.
See how fraught with possibility that ending turned out to be?

katie said...

Last thought from me:
Didn't the audience often complain about where storylines were taken, or not? Didn't the audience often think it knew better?
What would have satisfied everyone's expectations?
Seems to me, all grousing about it should cease. Seems to me, everyone got the chance--at last--to complete a storyline to his own liking.

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