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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Academic Freedom Nonsense

David Klinghoffer clarifies the Iowa State University flap over denying tenure to highly accomplished astronomer, Guillermo Gonzalez, because he harbors unpopular views in this Daily Standard article. It seems that every outrageous theory is defensible in today's academia as long as you don't ever imply a supreme intelligence behind the origin of the planet.

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VirginiaLutherans said...

This isn't surprising due to sin. Just go out and utter the heresy of "evolution is a fake!" and you might get nearly stoned in some areas! I am not sure about the marks of the Beast, but one of them is on the forehead. It makes me wonder if that represents the arrogance of man's thought.

We know very little of what's going on, but if you listen to the scientific community, it is nearly wrapped up in a nice, neat little bundle. It is sad that sin occludes God so much. He authored such a beautiful universe. All the majority can think of is "wow- aren't we lucky this evolved...?"

Kellee said...

Makes me wonder if I am still glad to have graduated from ISU. That's what a state school will do to you!

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