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Monday, May 21, 2007

Scary Cosmetic Surgery

We've all seen the Hollywood personalities addicted to cosmetic surgery. It weirds me out to see Burt Reynolds or Joan Rivers these days. They look like they're made of wax.

At least Joan Rivers is honest about it. In this telling article, she reveals that many entertainers are actually filled with self-loathing.

What are your thoughts about cosmetic surgery? I'm not talking about reparative plastic procedures for someone with an injury or malformity. I'm referring to purely elective procedures that people have in order to enhance or improve their appearance.

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1 comment:

Julie Stiegemeyer said...

Burr's wife says:
I think we looked at a weird website like this one before, Scott, which shows befores and afters of celebs. All I have to say is: YIKES!!

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