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Friday, May 25, 2007

Big Pig

Is this the biggest pig you've ever seen? Go here.

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Preachrboy said...

Now that's the whole hog!

Anonymous said...

I hope that is a photoshop trick. Mainly because I never thought I'd have to be scared of pigs. But that would send me running like a little girl if I saw it in the forest.

scott adle

katie said...

Well, I do have a certain brother-in-law...though this one might appear to be the bigger pig.
Really, it's incredibly large, isn't it? Unbelievably large. Except that I believe it!

Anonymous said...

Its really nice to catch a giant pig , but certainly from the environmental point of view I mean you shold better tyr to find some more acceptable ways to hunt.
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Web design and Web development said...

1051 pounds!!! it's incredibly large.

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