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Monday, December 25, 2006

Here's Trouble

(Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer, Rev. David Petersen, and Seminarist Jason Braaten)

Here we are after Divine Service on Christmas day. I preached. Pr. Petersen was the celebrant. And Mr. Braaten was our deacon.

This was the first time I'd ever worn a cope. It's pretty heavy. I wasn't able to flail my arms around in the pulpit like I usually do.

Mr. Braaten's newborn son was in church for the first time today. What an adorable baby! God bless them.

I always love coming to church at Redeemer. Pastor Petersen is a terrific preacher and the worship is always glorious. But I must say that the Christmas Eve service last night was especially amazing. The music was heavenly. Our Kantor, Dr. Reuning, is a very talented individual and his musicians are beyond good. And Petersen surpassed himself with a powerful and quite memorable sermon. (I wanted to punch him in the nose, however, when he told me today he slammed the sermon out in about an hour - with all due respect, of course. How do people do that? I have to grind sermons out. My muse gives nothing easily. It's like pulling teeth.)

The liturgy at Redeemer Lutheran Church has a reputation for being a bit more ornamented than what is typical for our denomination. Vestments, bowing, incense, and such. Some people like this and others criticize us. I will admit that I am not used to some of the rubrics. I'm no liturgical highbrow. But there is something truly satisfying in a service done in this manner. There is no question what we are doing. We're not casually hanging out with God. We are in the presence of the Almighty who comes bearing gifts.

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donaldos said...

Now I know where to worship should I ever move to Fort Wayne.

I once attended an LCMS church where, at the end of the service, a television was wheeled out and a tape showing Robert Schuller was played.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...


Absolutely. Come see us.

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