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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

I posted the text for the chapel homily I preached on Monday. I may as well give you the link at the seminary website where you can listen to it. Go here and click on Monday. It'll probably only be there for the rest of this week.

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Frank said...

Pastor Stiegemeyer, please enlighten me, did Christ tell the apostles to go out and write books os sermons to be read? Or rather did He tell them to preach the Word. I'm sorry but,shameless self-promotion it is not! We are meant to hear the sermon and for that, thank you very much for giving those of us who did not attend chapel, the opportunity to hear the Word.

Stoleman said...

Pastor Stiegemeyer,

Thank you for proclaiming God's Word!!!

Your text and direction were refreshing. I wish I could have heard you more in the pulpit. We have a mutual friend/brother in Christ who is currently the vacancy pastor of your former congregation.

To my point....Currently you are at a place where you have an impact upon the future workers of the church. My only question to you would concern your indication of the importance of 'destination'. Is 'destination' not perverted and out of 'context' today?

At one time in my life I would have definitely agreed with you about 'destination' being the most important thing. In its proper context concerning "Heaven", I definitely agree. However, humans as we are, I like others made 'destination' to be what I wanted, at that time 'ordination'.

I missed the journey to be shaped, formed and enlightened along the way!!!

Though my 'old' destination still has yet to be attained through a call by the church through a congregation, THE DESTINATION of heaven is complete and to God I give all the glory!!!

I would enjoy continued dialogue. Please write me (

Yours in Christ,
Darian L. Hybl

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