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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bio-Ethics Quote of the Day

"Ours is not an age of deep thinkers." - Rev. Richard C. Eyer

I am currently reading a fine little book called Pastoral Care Under the Cross: God in the Midst of Suffering. In a section about end-of-life decision making, Eyer writes:

Sad to say, ethical decisions today are commonly made, not by following absolutes such as 'thou shalt not kill' but by giving in to the pull of sentimentality.... Ours is not an age of deep thinkers, and technological advancement does not imply wisdom in the use of what we create or how we use it. The best-intentioned doctors and patients may sometimes make decisions based not on well-thought reasons but on the basis of sentimental impulses.

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VirginiaLutherans said...

Even the "modern" deep thinkers are based on Greek philosophy, a bit of a trap in itself. But you are right- the pool is mighty shallow when people know more about the fleeting and useless and less about the long term and useful.

RC said...

that's a very interesting quote, no doubt.

--RC of

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