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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Batwoman Is a Lesbian

One of my watchful parishoners sent me this article about the new DC Comics Batwoman. Apparently, the character is being reintroduced to the comic series, this time as an uncloseted lesbian.

First of all, from the heterosexual vantage point, can't we have superhero comics without all the sexiness? C'mon, is it really necessary for female crimefighters to all be tall, bosomy and wear form fitting fetish gear? Those shoes don't look very practical to me.

I'm not a puritan prude, but I do believe in the virtue of modesty. I would love for superhero comic books to remain G-rated or at least PG. Who is this Batwoman comic book for? The readers will mostly be pre-pubescent boys. Do we really need to stir up their prurient imaginations with pages filled with amazonian sex goddesses?

I can appreciate that the feminine form is a work of art. And I suspect that there may be a line between admiring the beauty of the human body and lustful ogling but it's a distinction most likely lost on the typical testosterone factories known as teenage boys.

OK, now that I've made my point for a Batwoman more realistically proportioned and sensibly dressed, let's talk about that lesbian angle.

I understand that there are many gay and lesbian people in our society. I am in favor of treating such folks with respect as human beings, just like anyone else. I'll treat them as I'd want them to treat me.

However, the bible designates homosexual desire and behavior as sinful and contrary to God's created design. It's unwise for comic book artists to participate in the broader program to mainstream or destigmatize homosexuality.

I'm not a huge reader of superhero comic books so if they ever highlight heterosexual immoral behaviors, I'd voice a similar objection to that as well. Homosexuality is not a greater offense than adultery. Nor is it less.

I know my words move against the tide. But they're not my words. This is the position of the Word of God. Don't crucify the messenger. But if you must, at least I'd be in good company.

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Anonymous said...

Small correction, it is Batwoman:

Not that it makes any difference to your post.

Anonymous said...

I think it does make a difference to the post. Having the basic facts right demonstrates a knowledge of the facts and sets the stage for what comes next.

Of course, if the person writing the article had the least familiarity with comics, that would help, too.


Darin said...

I think another thing is that most comics are certainly not being read by kids any more. Kids can neither find nor afford comics like they did back in the day. I'd guess that teenagers are the youngest people that would regularly buy such things. It doesn't change the moral argument, but it's worth mentioning.

Ryan said...

It's a capitalist society. If people weren't interested in reading it, it wouldn't make money.

If you think it would be better to have a normal looking woman in a modest outfit running around spreading good morals, draw a comic and try to sell it.

No room for God in Capitalism. Plenty of room for the Capitalism in his Church though, as has been demonstraited by Cristian Rock.

Anonymous said...

Can't even get your comic book hero's am I soupose to trust your scripture quotes?

VirginiaLutherans said...

I stand by Pastor Stiegmeyer's comments. The oversexed comics, whether "intended" for teen or old men, aren't productive. They also have a tendency to find their way into children's hands. It is a sad commentary on the state of humanity that such things survive and thrive. As the old saying goes: "smut sells."

As for homosexuality, it's a perversion of everything God has made. It's practice is described in the Torah as requiring stoning to death! If you think God takes this lightly, you think so at great risk.

As for Capitalism in the Church- what does the Church have to sell? Indulgences? Far be it! Readings of scripture? No! The Church sells nothing! Capitalism works in a society where they need/want something. People "naturally" reject God completely, and have no need for him. What's there to sell? Only feel good tapes and "Ten easy steps to..." books telling you "what the Bible says about your..." fill in the blank desire. Such a waste- if people spent half the time reading the Bible as they do reading those useless things, they might actually strengthen their faith. But what self respecting person would want that?

(Yes, that's a rhetorical question.)

John Martin said...

This is in response to your posting about the "new" Catwoman/lesbian comic. I agree with you 100% and want to say there is a G rated pure superhero comic out there called THE CARDINAL ADVENTURES. It is a Christian superhero and I personally know the comic creator. Also, I as a Christian filmmaker have made a live action version of the comic and am working on the sequel now. Check it out, it is wholesome and an alternative super hero comic for young readers. The web site is for the films and for the comics. They are free from the creator.

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