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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Over-Crowding the Earth

You think the earth suffers from over population? Most people do think so. But ask them why and they won't be able to give you any data to support their view. And that's because there isn't any. The earth is not over populated and isn't even close, nor will it likely ever be.

If all 6.4 billion citizens of the planet were stood next to one another, they could all fit in the city limits of Houston, Tx, with room to spare. If you gave ever single inhabitant of earth the space of a small apartment, all 6.4 billion could easily fit in the state of Texas.

The point is: there is plenty of room. The earth is a pretty big place. Related to my last post, I recognize that we have a responsibility to wisely manage our natural resources, a duty that becomes increasingly important as the population increases. But you can ignore the earth-worshippers and abortion activists that want to slow or even reverse human population growth. Their argument is nothing but a sham.

Check this out.

And this.

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