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Friday, May 19, 2006

Even If It Weren't Murder, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Pointless

Even aside from the obvious moral problems of using human embryos for slice-and-dice research, do we really want lawmakers to earmark millions or billions of tax dollars for research that has yielded no benefit or hope for benefit?

See here.

Other research has shown that stem cells taken from umbilical cords and even cellulite (of which there is no shortage in the US presently), are far more promising. Ah, but that doesn't exalt the liberal sacrament of abortion, so who cares?

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Darrell said...

Out of 112 reviews (as of Friday afternoon) at Rotten Tomatoes, only twenty of them were positive.

Is it unChristian and uncharitable that I threw back my head and cackled like a madman when I read that?

cwv warrior said...

yep, our very own People Concerned for the Unborn Child ( sent us a beautiful document put out by Family Research Council. It is true and you are right on the button about why nobody cares.

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