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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mormonism: Don't Confuse Us with the Facts

As John Warwick Montgomery has said, faith must be founded on fact. If the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus did not take place historically, then our Christian faith would be less than worthless.

What if a foundational tenet of your religious faith is that the Native Americans are descended from a lost tribe of Israel and extensive DNA tests have proved that Native Americans originated in Asia, not the Middle East? This is the crisis now facing Mormonism.

See here and here.

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Rob said...

So how do we deal with similar data?

Rob of UnSpace

The Heresy Hunter said...

There are two excellent DVD's available, "DNA Vs. the Book of Mormon" and "The Bible Vs. the Book of Mormon," the latter dealing with all the historical evidence for the events of the Bible vs. the 100% zero evidence for the people or events or cities mentioned in the Book of Mormon.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Rob up above thinks - on his blog - that I am harsh. He decides that since I link to an article that debunks the foundation of Mormonism that he is going to link to something he thinks undermines Christianity.

First, Rob, today's Palestinians are not Canaanites, as you suggest. No one thinks that they are except for modern Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs and have been content to be known as Arabs until about 50 years ago when someone figured out that by calling themselves Canaanites, they could lay stronger claim to the region.

Secondly, so what if the ancient Israelites were closely related to the ancient Canaanites? That does not disprove the book of Joshua in any way, shape or form. The book of Joshua is not founded upon the belief that the Canaanites were genetically different. Your evidence does not prove that Joshua did not lead an invasion. Nor does the article you link to make that claim. If it's true, it only proves that the Canaanites and Israelites were kin. So what?

The Book of Mormon however (give it a read) is all about Israelites emigrating to America. DNA evidence states that the Native Americans are from Asia. YOu see, it is a foundational belief of their religion that the native races here were a continuation of the church founded by Jesus. Being Asians tosses that idea out the window.

Feel free to comment here all you like. But it is considered, by some, to be poor blog etiquette to - instead of writing a comment - just link to your own site.

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