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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What If Jesus Returned Today?

I found this quote over on Rightwing News. He got it from Hog On Ice.

"Imagine the kerfuffle (if Jesus came back today). He comes back, and He goes on TV and says, "Okay, homosexuality is wrong. Sex outside of marriage is wrong. Stop watching porn. Quit smoking dope. And by the way, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the other non-Christian religions are wrong, so stop practicing them." Every fat lesbian activist in San Francisco would be out in the street, running around topless and waving a sign reading, "Kill Jesus NOW!" Jesse Jackson would condemn Him. Cindy Sheehan would demand a meeting. Liberals would start calling him JesusHitler."
I think this guy is dead right. And I'd also apply it to the Christian Church. A mark of the Messiah is rejection. And it is the mark of a Christian as well. "Woe to you when all men speak well of you (Luke 6:26).

Most Christians today think, "Oh, if only I'd been there. I would have stayed awake in Gethsemane. I would have brought the Savior a cup of cool water as he stumbled along the Via Dolorosa. I would have been like Mary and stood at the foot of the cross.

Baloney! You would have wet yourself with fear when the soldiers marched up. You would have hidden in your home and locked the doors. You would have trampled over childrern and old women to get out of harm's way. Admit it.

A person will only suffer for something or someone he loves. And there are precious few who love Jesus more than their own lives. Christians who can't be bothered to suffer the smallest inconveniences for the sake of Jesus would, at best, have turned their backs on him and scattered like mice. And more likely, they would have shouted, "crucify him," with the crowd. At least Mel Gibson is an honest man. In his film, those were his own hands you see nailing the spikes into Jesus.

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