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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Feminist Hypocrisy

First, let me be clear. I firmly believe in equal pay for equal work. I am not opposed to all of the ideals of the women's movement. Of course, no one, woman or man, has the right to kill unborn children. But that's not the subject I want to address right now.

One of the stereotypical feminist canards is that men are violent and women are nurturing. The joke is usually that if women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. I don't deny that men are violent, but if you don't think women can be every bit as mean and nasty... well, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that. And don't try to read between my lines. I am blessed to be married to the most perfect wonderful woman on the planet who would never intentionally hurt a flea (actually fleas do need to be afraid of my wife). I'm just trying to point out that radical feminism is hypocritical.

The vast majority of violent crimes are committed by men. And the idea of a fun time for a batch of 10 year old boys usually includes heavy doses of punching, tackling, tripping, tumbling and even biting. Clearly testosterone is a mighty powerful chemical.

I will agree that all men are selfish jerks. But so are all women, frankly. Spite, wrath, vindictiveness, pettiness, egocentrism and vanity are gender neutral vices. Women are not as likely to express their aggressions by taking a swipe at your face, but the demonization of masculinity and the attempted emasculation of church and society are not going to improve the world.

The knife block you see pictured above is an actual product. It's called the "All Men Are Bastards Knife Block."

HT: Right Wing News

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Anonymous said...

Just watch a little reality tv and you can clearly see just how mean women can be. It's scary.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I work with all women. Men may be more violent, but women are more psychological and tend to be a lot meaner for longer periods of time then men. That being said, I was listening to how there is a philosopher in Princeton (my neck of the woods) who is for abortion yet is a spokesperson for peta.

Anonymous said...

What a great product! However, in addition to my overwhelming hatred of all blood-sucking men, the product would be more appealing if it allowed me to show unbridled hatred toward other races, people of other religions, and people holding occupations I despise, the elderly (who are always getting in my way), and probably most importantly, the disabled, who really inconvenience me. Why limit my hatred to mere sexism? After all, there are so many people I wish I could stab repeatedly over the course of a day. Finally I could stop trying to use this totally over-rated "self-control" and "humility" thing I've heard about somewhere. This could be a vast untapped market of venting hatred! Imagine the money one could make! Greed feeding off of hatred... is it not beautiful?

(I am being very very sarcastic; I hope it is obvious, but based on the product above, it is getting harder to tell in this world.)

Tim's Ghost said...

Good satire, Anon, which at first made my heart skip a beat.

This product is scary, and I have encountered female rage that this knife holder illustrates. But here's another thought: I just bought Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism from Amazon. (My wife beat me to it and is now reading it first.) Its author, F. Carolyn Graglia, would suggest that there's a group of people that feminists hate even more than men: mothers who fulfill their vocation by staying home to care for, nuture, and teach their children instead of seeking 'fulfillment' by doing real work outside of the home. Feminists have strong words for such women, like 'parasite' for example.


Tim the Enchanter

Ps. It was great meeting you Monday, pastor.

pmfh said...

Whatever it's being re-sold as now, I think it was first popularized in English, at any rate, via Gizmodo nearly a year ago. The design is by an Italian, Raffaele Iannelo. To make a connection between this rather arch gentleman and the Mafia, for instance, would be rather a leap.

I submit, my friend, that a persnickety reseller doing a name change is an equally distant from some estrogen-crazed feminist cabal.

It's a ghastly piece of humor, in fact, but it has next to nothing to do with feminism at all, or even gender. (I'd argue it's effective art, though.)

daisymay said...

Some say the last accepted form of discrimination in America is against those who are overweight or obese.... but that's nothing to the discrimination I've seen men endure from various women!

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