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Friday, December 09, 2005

Church Growth Tactics Taken to Logical End

Church Growth / Schmurch Schmowth. What Christian pastor does not want his church to grow? I'm mission-minded. I'm "on fire" to get the Word out. What I object to is the lack of discernment so apparent today in the church. I'm opposed to watering down the message to increase church attendance. I'm opposed to jettisoning 20+ centuries of wisdom, piety and practice just to appear more "relevant." I'm opposed to latching onto the latest liturgical gimmicks or blindly embracing the newest methods / programs / techniques promising to put rumps in my pews.

One of the saltier local Lutheran pastors jokes that if drawing large numbers is our only aim, then let's have "topless usher-ettes." His concept, not mine. Well, this is no coarse joke. This German church is taking what I consider to be the obvious measures when "Church Growth" merely means getting lots of people to come to your church. I don't know if their tactic is working. But then again, I don't think whether something "works" is the way to evaluate the Church.

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