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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And In This Corner . . . Santa Claaaauuuusss!!!

Everyone who knows me will tell you that my favorite fourth century Turkish saint to commemorate on December 6th is none other than Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. We always exchange gifts on this day in our household in remembrance of the good bishop's fabled kindness and generosity.

I've long known that St. Nicholas attended the First Council of Nicea (A.D. 325) , from which came the Nicene Creed. That's been one of the coolest things about him in my view.

But I'd never heard this juicy tidbit until today. According to Pr. Petersen, Nicholas got so frustrated with the heretic Arius that he went up to him and slapped him.

Of course, clergy are not allowed to hit people. And Nicholas had to say he was sorry (even though that cad Arius had it coming). And though I do not approve of violence in the church or at church councils, I do surely wish I'd have been there to see it.

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The Heresy Hunter said...

I guess that puts "Santa Claus" on the naughty list!!

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I didn't know he was involved with the Nicean creed. Gives me even more resepct for him.

revcwirla said...

That's what I call believing something passionately. We could use some of that in our circles. It would be a blessed relief from all that girlie-man, nicey-nice, stab you in the back speech we have to put up with. Give me a pastoral smack down any day of the week.

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