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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ghosts on Film

My darling niece in Colorado sent us a Halloween e-mail with a pretty creepy vid attachment. I've found it on the net and link to it. I don't believe in ghosts and I'll maybe explain that in a future post. But I do believe in evil spirits who may very well masquerade as spirits of the dead to deceive us.

Well anyway, some car company was making a commercial and caught something really bizarre on their film. Watch closely as the car winds down the road for a faint misty figure. As the car pulls out from behind a grove of trees, an odd mist figure appears to be following the car. Is it only a natural mist or something supernatural? I'll let you decide.

And make sure your sound is turned on because you can faintly hear the cameraman muttering about the phenomena.

Here's the link.

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jayne said...

Cute! I loved that! Nice set up, too.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I saw something like that once. Showed it to my friends daughters, they jumped and one slapped me. Still worth it.

Lauren said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy your thoughts and your posts. Although some of them are short, I always find something worthwhile to think about.

God bless you this week! Keep up the good work for His kingdom.

In His Grip,
Lauren <><

Bob Waters said...

Naw. Didn't see a thing.

Anonymous said...

You should have warned us not to have kids in the room when you look, it made my 2 year old cry.

Darrell said...

Bad Pastor!

(Wendy and I saw that thing a couple of weeks ago and it gave us both the jump of our lives)

Lisa said...

I am still mad at Darrell for putting it on his site. I had the speakers way up and my nose against the monitor. LOL

Bad Pastor, indeed! Did they know about this before they gave you the Aardvark award? :P

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