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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pittsburgh Unprepared for Full-Scale Zombie Attack

As a Pittsburgher, this article concerned me very much. Particularly the bit about FUMA's incompetence. FUMA = Federal Undead Management Agency.

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Armando said...

Scott, I would not worry. Most Zombie's that would be likely to attack are not watching the Pens.

John said...

Maybe this has been the Mayor problem all along; he is too worried about the dead, and not enough about the living. Or maybe he is a Zombie and he is just trying to kill off the rest of the city with his tax and spend (way more than we have) polices. The next Mayor needs to concentrate on the basics, sanitation, graffiti, roads, police, fire, ems, crime, etc. Stop trying to have government rebuild the city (fifth & Forbes, etc.) and let the living do it, without killer taxes.

mice said...

The problem with using firearms to stop the undead in a largescale zombie attack is that the sound of the round firing attracts more zombies.

bladed or blunt weapons can be just as effective if used properly without the dinner bell going off.

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