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Monday, October 10, 2005

One of Our Own in Touchstone

Touchstone magazine in one of the finer publications I receive. And today, sipping my latte at Caribou Coffee, thumbing through the latest issue, my eyes popped out of my head on springs like in those old Warner Bros. cartoons. That's how surprised and delighted I was to note a fine essay written by P.G. Alms (no relation to P.G. Wodehouse) a fellow LCMS pastor and blogger. I'm not making this up. See here.

Pastor Alms writes an insightful piece about being a pastor in today's context. Ecclesiastical entrepreneurs are always hawking the latest fad, the newest widget, the edgiest program, and the hottest technique to grow the church of Christ.

What about the gospel? Maybe we should consider giving that a try. How about preaching the cross? Baptism? Eucharist? The church may or may not grow numerically relying upon the divinely instituted means of grace, but at least it'll still be the church.

Go visit Pr. Alms's blog "Incarnatus Est." A guy who reads both Rolling Stone magazine and the ancient church fathers is guaranteed to have something interesting to say.

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The Heresy Hunter said...

Absolutely! I don't remember reading about the apostles trying to attract the Jews by having the occasional sacrifice, or winning over the Romans by introducing an idol or two. So why are we trying to be like the unbelieving world?

Carl said...

Thanks for the refer. but when I went to the sight, it won't "Highlight" to be able to read it. Any suggestions?


Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

I know. Unfortunately, Pr. Alms's article is not uploaded on their site. At least not yet. I shouldn't have teased you by sending you to the Touchstone site. As far as I know, the only way to read it is from hardcopy. But I'm sure your local library can get it through inter-library loan.

Carl said...

OK, thanx much!

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