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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Double Standard - You Decide

In the U.K., Muslims complained that an ice-cream cup sold in Burger King had a little swirly symbol on it that resembled the Arabic word for Allah. So Burger King, so as not to offend, pulled the design. Here.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, some bookie has billboards all over Dublin with Leonardo's famous Last Supper, only the ad is altered so that Jesus and the disciples are all playing poker. A fuss was raised, but the ads are not being removed. Here.

We're talking about taking a depiction of the Holy Eucharist and making fun of it. Oh well, I guess that's not as bad as when pastors dress up like clowns or wookies in order to make the Body and Blood of Jesus seem relevant. Personally, I'd be afraid to mock God.

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The Heresy Hunter said...

I think they're quick to react to Muslim complaints for fear of violence if they don't!

Lisa said...

You said:"Personally, I'd be afraid to mock God."

You are the king of dry understatement. I love it! hahahaha

Mutti said...

We noticed these "Paddypower" bookmakers all over Ireland. All their adds seemed tastless but this takes the cake. Europe is bragging about becoming less religious. At one Ireland tourism web page it boasted the beautiful cathedrals and church architecture in one sentence and the next said "althoug Irish people are becoming less religious", like that is a good thing. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral right before Mass and only a handfull of people were there. Another bothersome thing about St. Patricks, when you walk into the sanctuary, there is the gift shop! I had visions of Jesus running out the money changers. THere was also an empty beer keg close to the front that said "Organ fund".

paul, in south park said...

why is islam treated with such solemnity, while christianity is looked on with almost an "amusement"?

i think it is perhaps time for christians to stand up and boldly express our faith...let's not just read, study and believe it, but live it openly to anyone and everyone.

i demand the same respect that political correctness demands of me.

like the ads say "just do it"...

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