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Sunday, May 29, 2005

God Bless Our Troops!

Today I saw a photo that made me cry. It was of an American soldier, Major Mark Bieger, holding and hugging a little dead Iraqi girl that the animals we are fighting murdered. A Muslim suicide bomber decided to attack our troops at the exact moment when about twenty children were crowding around them.

I have asked the journalist, Michael Yon, for his permission to include the photo (and maybe others) on my blog. But here is a link to his site. You should read it and scroll down to view his pictures of the Iraqi children. I was literally brought to tears. They are beautiful. Looking at his site only made me want to go there myself. At 35, I'm too old to enlist, even as a chaplain (I think), but only a stone could look at these images and not want to do something to help them.

Tomorrow I will be writing checks to Operation Iraqi Children and Wounded Warrior Project as my way of honoring our brave service men and women on Memorial Day weekend. Another excellent charity is Ollie North's Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. They provide college financial aid for children of our soldiers who've died or been permanently disabled.

Many of you will get a three day weekend for Memorial Day. And some of you will have picnics and have fun and drink beer with your friends. Think of those who cannot be with their families because they are serving their nation and take AT LEAST the price of a case of beer and give to these worthy causes.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin, one of my new favorite people.

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Paul said...

I share your frustrations. No matter what good we do, Americans and Christians just don't seem to get a break. But God never said it would be easy for us, did he?

I've enjoyed your reading your blog. May God bless you and yours.

In His Service,

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

You are so right. It is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. For the joy set before us, we press on.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said, "a picture is worth
a thousands words" probably never foresaw such a picture as this! It
poignantly and tearfully shows the truth of another saying: "man's inhumanity to man". The saddest picture, however, is not such as these, but the picture that only God can see: whether there be faith in Jesus Christ in the heart or not!

In His name,
A Servant of our Lord

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