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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vampire Author's Second Novel About Jesus

I'm thoroughly enjoying Anne Rice's second novel about Jesus, having read and enjoyed the first when it came out. It's called, Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana. Her first novel about Jesus which looked at a portion of his childhood is Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.

I am one who has also read a couple of her former vampire books, and derived a certain literary enjoyment even from them. She is, without question, a gifted writer.

And I can't imagine the overpowering experience it must have been to pen these books on Jesus' life, especially as they are told in the first person, from the Lord's point of view. I would be terrified to attempt that. And I ordinarily would scoff at anyone who would be bold enough to attempt it.

But my impression is that she pulls it off. The books are reverent without being saccharine or entirely predictable or boring. Her extensive biblical and historical research is evident, but not in the sense of bogging down the story. Rather in the sense of illuminating it. Writing these must have been an act of worship for her. I can see no other way. Only with much prayer and fasting could one do this.

I have not finished The Road to Cana yet, but what I've read so far is very encouraging.

Dr. Gene Vieth posts some new remarks from Rice about her conversion over on his blog. Go here to see.

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Rob Olson said...


Nice post of the vampire lady, but I am wondering why so many pastors are not speaking out about Jeff and Todd, even those pastors who are at the seminaries and/or the "regular guests" of the program. They are still pastors, right?

As you know, Jeff and Todd are good men, and what has happened to them is just plain wrong. Why are so many remaining silent? There is no Jim and Tammy scandal here, as the silence of the Synod might suggest about their character. Other pastors should stand with their faithful brothers in Christ who are taking on the chin for the gospel of Christ!

To your readers, I would like to ask them if their pastors have signed the Issues, Etc. petition. If not, please encourage him to do so. If he is reluctant or refuses to sign the petition, then ask him why. You might learn something about where he stands theologically.

Blessings to all,.

Rob Olson
Zion Lutheran Church
Marshall, MI

New Curriculum at Concordia Theological Seminary