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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Golden Compass Tanks at the Box Office

It's a dud, folks. I went to see it today and it's just not that good of a movie. Aside from Pullman's atheistic agenda, this movie is mostly a bore. Seemingly, not many folks are rushing out to see it. Check this out. It only made about 9 million bucks on opening night. The latest Harry Potter flick made over 100 million on it's first night.

I love this reviewer's take. It's hilarious.

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Em said...

Haha ... yeah. Professing himself wise, he became a fool. Atheist Pullman's little movie *TANKED*, especially in comparison to his hated enemy, CS Lewis. Chronicles of Narnia opened with $65.6 mil and this atheist movie opened at $26 mil, and it has nowhere to go from here but downhill. *tips hat* enjoy the ride, Pullman. Oh, and get used to going "downwards".

Hollywood spent $180 mil on this movie, yet so far has only earned $55 mil overseas (where the book is supposedly so popular), plus its pittily $26 mil here, *sniff sniff* I smell a negative balance on your atheistic investment, Hollywood.

Well isn't that just too bad. =)

The Heresy Hunter said...

I agree. Nice special effects, but that was about it. I'll be surprised of they bother doing the other two books.

FreeConservative said...

Tanked? Only if America is the world. I don't have any opinion on the film as I haven't seen it but what I do know is that it has taken over $100 million overseas so far. It is also still the number one film in some countries and hasn't opened in several others yet (it's not reaching Japan until March). DVD sales will be worth up to 50% of takings plus there are sales to TV networks and video games sales.

Sorry to have to be bringing all this up - none of it is to say that it is a good film or that it ever should have been made - it is just that as an accountant I like to keep my numbers nice and straight!

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...


I think you may be missing the point. New Line Cinema SOLD the overseas rights for the film. That means that New Line is not making a single red penny from the international intake. Nada.

"Compass" could make a hundred billion dollars internationally and New Line will still lose money.

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