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Friday, March 30, 2007


This film reminded me of Crash (the one with Matt Dillon) the same sort of journalistic - almost voyeuristic - realism. See also 21 Grams. The same overall theme too: People basically misunderstand each other. It's a good theme.

Films like this sometimes remind me of a Dicken's novel or a Shakespeare play. Mistaken identities. Interconnected stories. Tragic lives resounding from false assumptions, prejudices, and ignorance.

It's a sad movie. Sad in the sense that Macbeth is sad or Hamlet or Othello. So much needless human suffering. What is the source of our pain? Some of it is the result of the malicious intent of a few. Some of it comes from stupidity. And then the foolish things we do to cover our stupidity. A lot of it just results from the broken jumbled mess of life.

Of course, Babel takes a little jab at the U.S. government, making it so quick to see terrorism behind every bush. But other than that, I found the film a moving expression of corrupted humanity.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very well done and thought-provoking film! FOr an excellent
review and (refutation of certain critics) there is food for thought
here on the film, "300"

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