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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Value of Girls, etc.

Here is a story about abortion and infanticide in India. Many poor traditional Indians view sons as future bread-winners and girls as financial burdens. So now there is a government action to save the lives of unwanted girl babies. Recently a dump with hundreds of fetal and infant children body parts was discovered in a hospital lot.

It raises the question of the value of human life. Are some lives more valuable than others. If you do a cost analysis, do some human beings cost more than they are worth? Of course, this is a barbaric line of thought, but it is how many do think - not just in pagan India.

Parents do tests to see if their pre-born baby will have any defects such as Down's Syndrome. They may decide to have an abortion because they determine that such a life is not worth living or will be too costly emotionally and financially. The elderly or the terminally ill may feel pressured to allow themselves to be euthanized because they feel as if they no longer contribute to society.

In India, human life is cheapened by the prevailing Hinduism which teaches reincarnation. Killing your children will not be seen as evil because the soul of that being will merely go to inhabit a new body.

In the West, human life is cheapened by Darwinist materialism, the view that we are merely what we eat. This notion is that human life is nothing more than the result of random molecules stumbling into chance chemical reactions. There is no intrinsic value to anything. A life only has the value that you assign to it.

Christians see things differently. All human beings are precious to God, the Creator. He loves human beings such that He offered His Son's life for the redemption of our lives.

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The Beast said...

This issue in India raises a near impossible hurdle for the feminist movement. Feminists should be outraged that women would be aborting based on the sex of the baby being female, yet for the most part feminism defends the freedom of the woman to do what she will with her own body.

Darrell said...

The Beast: Feminists should be outraged that women would be aborting based on the sex of the baby being female

Agreed ... and liberals in general should be outraged by the apparent racism of abortion. Black babies are aborted disproportionably, considering the population numbers. The liberal whites who campaign with such rancor for abortion rights don't actually abort their babies ... at least not anywhere as frequently as young, urban blacks who don't see any other way out. Liberal whites want the option to abort kept available at the expense of the lives of unborn black people. It's really a prenatal racial "cleansing," but nobody wants to talk about that aspect of abortion. Nobody who supports abortion, that is.

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