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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prime Time TV

I was happy to be on Issues, Etc. today to discuss trends and issues with current prime time television. Go and take a listen.

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Darrell said...

Wendy and I just listened and realized that we didn't know how to pronounce Stiegemeyer. (We were pronouncing the first syllable to rhyme with "wag.")

Good stuff!

I agree with you that "The Office" is a good show, and I agree that we are generally getting more accepting, culturally, of vulgarity. I like, though, that the superficial characters on shows like "Arrested Development" are presented to be mocked and laughed at. On previous sitcoms ("Friends," "Seinfeld") the superficial characters were supposed to be the sympathetic ones. That was a real turn-off to me and I rarely watched those programs. The characters were all just so hard to like. At all. At least on "Arrested Development" it's obvious that I'm not supposed to like GOB, Lindsay, etc.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Darrell, thanks. Yeah, the German pronunciation would be more like "shteege-meyer." I don't remember how Todd Wilken pronounced it yesterday. But my family says it "stig-meyer." If I recall, Wilken usually says it wrongly, but I never bother to correct anyone unless they're really way off.

Peter said...

I agree that "Friends" was awful in the way it trivialized relationships. Seinfeld was simply too good not to like. And the show acknowledged the characters' superficiality, whereas in "Friends," it was all too cute. I also think that "The Office" is painfully funny and insightful. What any of the hour had to do with theology, I haven't the faintest. Except, it is good to say, once in a while, that Christians can watch tv, and that not all of culture is going to hell in the handbasket. That kind of criticism is too easy, and makes us Christians look bad, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an interesting and informative program. I was hoping,
though, that you might give your "review" of "House, MD". Just wonder what you think of the brilliant doctor. Sometimes his "know it all attitude" is a bit
much to take, but I like his spirit
and unpretentiousness as he deals with patients and his fellow doctors/students.

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