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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reading Scripture

Just another reminder that we are producing 5-minute audio devotions for each day in Advent. Go here to listen.

I recorded one this evening which will go up in a couple of days. In it I talk about the continuity that exists between the Old and New Testaments of the bible. I didn't include this but I was thinking that this brings up a common problem. Many Christians will read the bible like they eat from a salad bar. I really like the carrots, spinach and peppers but ignore the sprouts and have no use for bacon bits unless they're made from real bacon. Similarly, you read some from the Gospels, maybe the psalms, and a few scattered passages from Paul's epistles. But what about the rest?

I highly recommend the practice of reading entire books of the bible from beginning to end. Obviously reading from Genesis to Revelation makes a lot of sense. From time to time, you will return to those isolated verses here or there which you love. But pulling 10 or 20 consecutive words out of the Bible can become problematic if you lose the sense of the whole thing. A good rule of thumb is simply to read more and to read continuously.

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