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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Bones of St. Paul

I know it sounds like the title of an Agatha Christie -style murder mystery. But it's not. Some archaeologists believe they've found the bones of the apostle. See here.

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Kelly Klages said...

I had figured that various churches would have made claims to having these bones a long time ago. Was the sarcophagus found more or less where everyone already knew and expected it to be?

Eric said...

In an AFP article posted on Yahoo! it was reported that: "Searches in 2002 enabled identification of the tomb that pilgrims had worshipped for centuries at the site."

Is this another example of media ignorance, or does it show just how hard it is to distinguish the stuff of pilgrimages from worship?

That having been said, it would still be fascinating to locate the remains of Paul or any other apostle. Thanks for posting this.

Darrell said...

I believe the Eastern Orthodox church claims to have Paul's skull. I think they also claim to have some of the relics of Christ, which I can't help but find a bit creepy. I guess it's a culture thing.

Kelly Klages said...

So, practically speaking, what happens when you do get multiple skulls of St. Paul floating around various churches?

Funky Dung said...

The body and skull might have been buried in different places.

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