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Monday, November 27, 2006

"The Office" Kills!!!!

I'm talking about the TV show. Now as you know, I hate watching TV. First, most of the programing is trash or mind-deadening. Second, Americans watch WAY too much of it, substituting the flickering box for a book or actual human interaction.

However, there are some worthwhile gems amongst the rubble. When we find a program that seems worth the effort, we wait and get them on DVD. That way we don't have to endure the advertisements.

And recently, we have been watching The Office. This is an extremely hilarious program. Have you seen it? Your opinions?

This weekend, we literally laughed our heads off. Well, not literally because we still have our heads. As my pastor has pointed out, when people say "literally" they usually mean "not really." For example, "our eyes were literally glued to the TV." Oh really? But that's another post.

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Kletos Sumboulos said...

I've heard that the original British version of the Office is extremely funny, but the few episodes of the US version I've caught were not. The manager in the British version is supposedly a complex fellow, while the american manager seems overacted, like a bad "Office Space" knock-off. Have you seen any episodes from across the big water for comparison?

Preachrboy said...

I love the Office. Looking forward to Steve Carrell in "Evan Almighty" too. Have you seen the previews yet??

Peter said...

Maybe I'm just a contrarian, but I like tv, including "The Office." In fact, much of it is better than the movies these days. "24" is better than any recent action film that comes to mind. "The House" is wonderfully acted, and oddly compelling. "Boston Legal" has recently gone south, but was wonderfully acted, and entertaining. And, the Soparanos, likewise, is a cut above. I'm sure there are other shows, but who has the time?

russell lucas said...

Hi, Pastor Stiegemeyer. Hope all is well in IN.

My wife and I also really like the NBC The Office. The writing is fresh and the style really serves the story well. I'm also always glad to see an American sitcom that's willing to let the characters develop and change, and not simply return to the status quo.

I'll second the recommendation for the original BBC series, and would gladly lend it to you were you still in the four-one-two. It ran for two six-to-eight episode seasons, with a wrap-up Christmas special. It might be our favorite television show ever. It's quite a bit more ribald in its humor, befitting the different broadcasting standards across the pond, but profanity aside, it's even more hilarious and insightful than the American version. There's no filler-- all of the episodes advance a narrative arc that's quite distinctive. Where they go with the boss/Michael Scott character is pretty amazing, and the analogue to the Pam/Jim romance is even more maddening, if you can believe it. It's comedy with consequences.

The series is available from Netflix or Blockbuster Online.

Just last week Ali and I and our daughters were at the Barnes and Noble in Cranberry and Ali pointed out to me that Julie's Christmas book was for sale there.


Anonymous said...

I'll also throw in my support for the original British version over the American. I've only seen a little of the American version, and thought it wasn't quite as good. Steve Carell is funny, but he doesn't come off as real. Ricky Gervais is completely believable. He absolutely owns that part. I'm not sure how much he has to exaggerate from his real self, which you can see in the interviews in the special features.

The British version seems much more like a reality show than a comedy. And I think that if you watch the whole series, the case could be made that it is one of the best dramas in tv, not just a comedy. The British version definitely does not end how most comedies end--although you need to see the Christmas special, and not just leave off at season two.

scott adle

Pete Ledic + said...

My wife and I have watched 'The Office' (U.S. version) from its advent. It is the one and only show that I watch religiously. Quite liberal and secular, however - the characters are so well written and acted. It is, in my humble opinion, the best written comedy on TV since Seinfeld. I love the fact that they do not use a 'laugh track' in the show. We get the humor and we don't need a stupid laugh track to manipulate us. A word of advice. . .if you are intending to watch 'The Office' do yourself a favor and rent seasons one and two from Blockbuster and then catch up. That way, you will be able to understand the nuances of the characters and their relationship with each other (e.g. Jim and Pam.)

Hanna Pai said...

Original Birtish version is WAY much better than American at least so I have heard (not even seen the US one). I don't how but they know in BBC how to make good tv shows.

Nice blog.

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