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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Book Shelf

This is what is narcissistic about blogging. But it's fun. These are the books on my "To Read" shelf. The first one is my holiday weekend diversion.

Terrorist by John Updike

The Blessings of Weekly Communion by Kenneth W. Wieting

Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door by Lynne Truss

Whos Afraid of Postmodernism?: Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church (Church and Postmodern Culture, The) by James K. A. Smith

What are you reading today?

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Rick Krueger said...

Britpop: Cool Britannia and the Spectacular Demise of English Rock by John Harris

Kull: Exile of Atlantis by Robert E. Howard

Worship, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei, edited by James Brauer

Greetings from Grand Rapids, Scott

Julie Stiegemeyer said...

I am reading:

Margaret Wise Brown: Awakened by the Moon by Leonard Marcus

Just finished The Lilies of the Field

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Les Miserables.

Have Talk to the Hand, but haven't read it yet. I read portions of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves to my 7th and 8th grade students - they loved it.

Just purchased one of your aprons (Christmas gift) for my dear husband! (Hope he's not reading your blog today!)

Say hi to your lovely wife for me!
Carla Fast

Carl said...

FOr some excellent insights on the political situation in our country and the world, try this
website. Also some good books noted by Hanson there! Carl

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