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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Profs on "Issues, Etc."

Last week, I was interviewed on Issues, Etc., a Lutheran talk radio program on KFUO in St. Louis, MO. The topic was The Da Vinci Code. Rev. Todd Wilken and his trusty producer, Jeff Schwarz, like to scour Higher Things magazine for radio subjects. And last summer, I did a mega-sectional on DVC for the Higher Things youth conference in Colorado.

Issues, Etc. likes to regularly feature professors from Concordia Theological Seminary and they make tons of old broadcasts available on their website. It's really excellent. Now you can also access some of these interviews through the seminary website. Go here. Happy listening.

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carlray said...

Yes, indeed, this is the very best
radio talk show.Sometimes I wonder,
though, why the St. Louis sem. is not really more in the forefront of programs, support, etc. since KFUO is right there on the campus?!
Anyway, whenever I have the opportunity, I make it a point to the flock to listen to various programs and encourage financial support from our cong's. Sometimes
I wonder just how many people really listen. Maybe I should start
making cd's of the programs and pass them out to the members?!

poor miserable sinner said...

carlray, perhaps you could even encourage your members to invite the Issues, Etc out to your area. They love to do location shows and I think that it would really encourage the people.

Carlray said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Wilken
was already up here (Minn.)last year. Good turn out, but I was not able to make it. So...I just keep listening.

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