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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here's a Thought

Thesis: A man who is uncertain of his identity will focus on his image.


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ptmccain said...

Or, a person who is deeply insecure, or profoundly arrogant.

organshoes said...

Whi does Bill Clinton come immediately to mind? And stay there?

Paul, in South Park said...

Two thoughts:

Is not a profoundly arrogant man simply displaying his deep insecurity for all to see?

If Jesus Christ is the center of a man's life, are not his priorities as follows...Faith
All the rest

VirginiaLutherans said...

This thesis might have an issue with narcissists (I think I mis-spelled that...). They are so enamored with self-image that everything falls to the wayside. They aren't searching for identity- they love their identity and self too much! They work on their image. In a way, it becomes their identity, but not because they sought it. Just a different angle...

unhingedsquare said...


That is spooky. I was thinking of the slickster too!

John said...

I would say that a man who is overly concerned about his image puts too much stock in what other people think of him. He has not come to the realization that everything he has comes from God and that God is the one we must rely on - not ourselves or others.

poor miserable sinner said...

By focusing on image the man seeks identify through external definition. Thus identity is not who I am or what I portray but how others see me.

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