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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Outstanding Sermons

I heard two outstanding sermons today from two different preachers.

  • This morning at Redeemer, Pastor Petersen offered a homily on Luke 10:25ff. Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves and the man asked, "who is my neighbor?" Pr. Petersen reminded us that everyone is our neighbor. No loopholes and no exceptions. Everyone is Jesus' neighbor and He loves us as He loves Himself.
  • Then later today, President Wenthe preached at the opening service at which I was also installed. In his sermon, he talked about having perspective. Depending on one's perspective, a thing can be either a blessing or a disappointment. Then he emphasized that a Christian gets his perspective from God's house. What is the lens through which to correctly view God, ourselves and the world? Preaching and Sacrament.

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