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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Schlomo Dylan

So is Bob Dylan recovering his Jewish identity? Looks like a hasidic hat.

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Petersen said...

Dylan performed in Ft. Wayne Tuesday night. At $50/head it was too pricey for me (though half the cost of the Eagles' concert). I probably would have gone for $25. I would have loved to have seen him. But my frugality, such as it is, is probably the reason I haven't been to any rock concert in 20 years.

Darrell said...

Mr. Zimmerman converted to Christianity in the late 70's and did three "gospel" albums... and then, as far as I know, he never mentioned the subject again. I wonder if he ever publicly disavowed Christianity?

Petersen, I haven't been to a rock concert myself in eleven years. About three years ago I took my wife to see Lyle Lovett, one of the few artists left that I'd actually leave my living room to hear perform. Tickets after service charges and everything were $94 a pop! And he didn't even do much of his older material! I don't see myself dropping that kind of scratch on another concert ever again.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I were trying to decide
whether or not to attend a Kris Kristofferson concert next month.
The price is really good at $20, but I wonder if he's just too old to bother traveling 2 hrs. to see. Any opinions on this? Thanks

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