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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yes, It's Really Happening

The Stiegemeyer clan is moving. The movers have invaded our home, packed our stuff and are finishing loading the truck today. Talk about having your whole life thrown into a flurry.

I remain excited about my future working at the seminary. (Read this). But I have to admit it was kinda sad last night walking through the empty barren house. Julie was annoyed by all the dust bunnies who no longer had anywhere to hide. The cats were COMPLETELY disoriented, poor girls. Lucy, the Golden Retriever, hardly even noticed. All she cared about was that there were a half dozen new people for her to make friends with all day. I will say this for her: She is all about people. Things mean nothing to her.

Sunday is my last time to preside and preach at Concordia Lutheran Church in Brentwood, Pa. Sunday afternoon the church is having a farewell luncheon for us.

It is sad to leave this place. My heart is heavy. Congregational pastoral ministry is the most exciting, unhappy, rewarding, disapointing, invigorating, frustrating and meaningful vocation one could have. I both hate it and love it. Other than my own death, the only thing I can imagine which would separate me from congregational pastoral ministry is the opportunity to help recruit and train future pastors. I hope that God will smile on my efforts. For His glory and the edification of the church.

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Paul, in South Park said...

Hello, Pastor.

I know that your faith tells you that all things work for good. Focus on that fact.

You will not forget the people, the Church or the experiences our God has given you.

Use them as your tools to help you select the right men to follow Him.

This is the next thing God has chosen you to do. Please do it without hesitation.

You will always be in our prayers.


Kathy Stanis said...

Dear Pastor and Friend,

You have played different roles in our lives. First, you taught Paul the beliefs of the LCMS in private one on one sessions. He was and still is overjoyed to know that what he really believes are the teachings of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. You helped him as he made steps toward the office of the ministry. You counciled us as we prepared for our wedding day, but especially for our life together. You officiated at our wedding, nearly five years ago. We were thankful to have you as our pastor and happy to call you our friend.

Paul and I will be at your final service to the people of Concordia and we will be at the luncheon, too. We would not miss it!

We thank God for your presence in our lives and we pray that He blesses you in your new position.

We will miss you!

Godspeed and Farewell.

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