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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pr. Petersen's Views on the Pastor's Family

Every day, I read through all the blogs on my blogroll. The reason I put them on my blogroll is because they are blogs I like to read. There are other good blogs out there that I read as time allows, but these definitely get reviewed daily. Well, almost daily. On super busy days, I may actually only view 5 or 6 of them. But if I have access to a computer in a given day, I will most certainly read David Petersen's CyberStones. He will probably think I'm flattering him so, for that reason, I hope he does not see this post. But you really should visit his blog.

Today's post really hit home. He writes about the life of the pastor's wife, in particular. It's more of a personal reflection. But one that I wish to echo. Having just left a wonderful congregation to serve the church in a different fashion at the seminary, thoughts such as Pr. Petersen expresses have been flooding through my brain.

I can't speak for the experience of other pastors and their wives. But my Julie is the perfect "pastor's wife." There are unique challenges being married to a pastor. I'll acknowledge that. But unique blessings as well.

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