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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Name Contest

Based on the responses I've gotten both on this blog and via e-mail, I do not intend to change the name of my blog even though I no longer live in Pittsburgh. My reasons have to do with branding, recognition, etc. Plus, Rev. McCain made a good point (twice) about indexing on Google. So "The Burr in the Burgh" we shall remain.

However, I was really disappointed not to be able to send that mix CD to anyone. So, for the first person to correctly guess how many fingers I am holding up, I will award a disk with some of my favorite pop tunes.

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Ryan Schroeder said...

The most likely answer is that you were not holding up any fingers, as you were typing at the time.

Peter said...

Well,some might say you are holding up a particular finger to those of us who tried to help you find a new and more appropriate name. But, I guess you made the right decision after all, so I'd guess you were offering a thumbs up.

Der Bettler said...

I'll guess:


Karianne said...


Kletos Sumboulos said...

You are a Trinitarian, therefore you are holding up 3 fingers (on one hand).

Preachrboy said...


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

I guess didn't say they had to all be your finger.

Anyway...welcome back to the area!

Rev. Jeff and Lora Horn

Steve B said...

Zero! They are all currently pointing down to your keyboard!

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