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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Looking for Stuff

Stuff. It's not like we had enough stuff already. Now we're trying to acquire more stuff to add to the stuff we already possessed.

Today, Julie and I began our venture to acquire furniture for the master bedroom. Isn't there a reality show we could be on where someone does this for us? But we figured it was time to get an actual bed and real dressers, etc.

Jacob is sweating bullets because we have not yet located his Playstation games. Unless you have an 11 year old boy in your house, you do not realize the gravity of this problem.

I know that my netflix subscription registered the address change because today arrived the next episodes of 24. This gives us something to look forward to this evening. Relaxing with a riveting drama of the adventures of Jack Bauer (whom - I believe - could whip Chuck Norris with one hand tied behind him).

For those who are interested, I just started reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I'm not usually one for westerns but this is so elegantly written, it's a treat whatever the genre.

And finally, what a pleasure it was to be guests at Grant and Pam Knepper's home this evening. Thanks, yinz, for the awesome burgers and those to-kill-for brownies. And hows about that Boston Terrier! Sir Bailey of Irish Cream. You've never been looked at until one of these fellers pokes his peepers at ya.

Tomorrow, I expect to unpack another gobzillion boxes and maybe (please, please, please) start to hang things on our walls. THAT'S when you begin to know you're moved in, when the things on the walls.

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1 comment:

Julie Stiegemeyer said...

So, I'm at this great little coffee shop about 90 seconds from our new house, finally checking my email. I'm glad Scott is keeping everyone updated because I just tried to update my blog, and I've now forgotten how to sign in. That's how mushy my brain is.

Scott wrote about stuff. This is what I hate about moving. It takes multiple steps to get something accomplished. So, I go looking for my other sandal which has somehow gone missing. I finally find the box where the sandal is most likely located (assuming that particular box has any marking at all), and then realize that my scissors to cut through the tape are in the other room. So I go to the other room for scissors. Then my dog needs to go out. So I let her out, watch to make sure she stays close, then let her back in. Then I find the scissors. Go back to the room. Open the box. Dig through the box. Find sandal. Put sandal on my foot. Then realize I've lost the other sandal. Search in frustration. Finally find it. Have shoes on. Then realize I need to find my purse before I can go out. Search for purse. Search for cell phone. Find both. Search for keys. Find keys. Leave house. etc.

But all in all, everything is going fine. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a great house; this is just the stressful part of moving--getting everything sorted out and unpacked, etc.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers!

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