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Friday, August 11, 2006

Can You Guess?

Anyone care to guess why there is this photo of two mallards in my post from Tuesday, August 8?

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The Heresy Hunter said...

Hmmm! Paradox = pair of ducks?? One represents the sinner, the other the saint?

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't want to guess your motives(for posting pics of ducks) now would I?
Actually, contrary to one of your previous posts, I would like to guess your motivation, as you request.
(I think it's a God given inclination to do so, and a skill used humans for survival over the ages ... not always/usally a bad thing.)
So, with that it mind:
Did you take a picture of the ducks in Ft. Wayne?
Or might you be thinking of the saying, If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, must be a duck?
Or maybe you are tricking us all and they are both NOT ducks, but one looks like a duck but is not really a duck.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...


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