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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Burr in Fort Wayne

What a day!

This morning, a friend of Julie's came to help us load our cars and close up the parsonage. Then at about 10:45, we drove away in separate cars. Julie took the dog and the boy. I took the two cats. I had to zip by the library to return some books and make one final stop in the local Caribou Coffee.

But we made it. While Julie took Jacob to "back-to-school" night at his new Lutheran school, I took Lucy, the Golden Retriever, on a stroll around this beautiful 190 acre campus. She chased ducks and took a little swim in the lake. Fun for her, but not so fun for me because I had to give her a quick bath to get rid of the stinky fish smell she acquired.

It was quite a thrill walking through our new house because a friend painted several of the rooms for us and we hadn't seen them yet. I'll get some photos up as soon as I can. The one bathroom (Jacob's) is great because she painted the walls with an "under the sea" theme. I'll let the upcoming photos speak for themselves.

Tonight, we're camping out in our new house on the seminary campus with sleeping bags and borrowed bedding (thank you Grant and Pam). And early tomorrow, the truck arrives with all our stuff. Soon enough this house will be home.

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Ryan Schroeder said...

Best of luck to you in yoru move, I hope everything made it intact.

God Bless in your new role serving Christ.

The Heresy Hunter said...

I'm glad you're keeping your priorities straight throughout this move and making sure to make your daily blog entry! Unpacking can come later.

Dave P. said...

Pastor (Julie and Jacob),

I have been silent long enough. Moving is as traumatic as it gets especially with children. When we left our home (and my only home) of Pittsburgh and went to Slovakia, I can honestly say most of the people I know thought we were out of our minds. I think even my church was like "are you crazy"?? For many reasons I can't expound on here on your blog, no we weren't (and aren't) crazy. At some point in your life you have to decide to put it in God's hands. You made a point Pastor in your next to last sermon to talk about "signs" from God. Did we get a "sign" to move to Slovakia? Not necessarily but we did pray about our decision and winsomely and truly heartfelt that our decision was right. As I type this, I know it was right. Was it easy to leave? Was it easy to leave MY church? Was it easy to leave friends including you, Julie and Jacob and so many others? Was easy to wonder will we find "Christians"? A English speaking Lutheran church that was solid? The answer overtly is "NO WAY" but we put our trust in God and our Christian friends to pray for us.

That is what we as a family have prayed daily for you and your family. You will have lasting memories of Concordia (some great and some not so great. At the end of the day you are still doing God's work in God's kingdom. Trust Him. He will lead. He will send the right messages.

And trust me, we will meet again sometime soon. Godspeed to you, Julie and Jacob. We miss you everyday as much as we did when we left almost 1 year ago. But time is short on earth and we WILL return some day, God willing.


Dave Pasquini
aka squish in slovakia

New Curriculum at Concordia Theological Seminary