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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Solus Christus

When we say that we are saved through faith alone, what do we really mean? Are we saying that repentance is unessential? No. The Lutheran Confessions understand repentance to be part of saving faith and faith to be part of repentance. Are we saying that good works are unimportant? No. It is clear that a person who apprehends what Christ has done and appropriates those treasures for himself will produce works of love toward his neighbor. As Luther says, "It is as impossible to separate faith from works as it is to separate heat from light in fire."

It seems to me that what we are really saying with sola fide is that the sinner is saved solely and completely by Jesus Christ. We really mean solus Christus. We are acknowledging that I can add nothing to the work of Christ for my salvation, that His work is complete and sufficient to save me and all sinners.

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Tom Becker said...

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt wrote a great book called Solus Christus and the Pastor. I highly recommend it (and him!).

Darrell said...

Is the term solus Christus original to you? It's a great term and sums it all up so well. Very ecumenical!

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