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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Overstreet Is Underwhelmed by "Lady in the Water"

Jeffrey Overstreet runs a blog that I like to check almost daily. He writes about pop culture from a Christian perspective.

Like him, I have enjoyed all of M. Night Shyamalan's major films thus far. My favorite is definitely Unbreakable but all of them are great. So I'm a bit sad to read Overstreet's review of the latest Shyamalan picture, Lady in the Water. It stars Paul Giamatti, whom I think is terrific. And Bryce Howard stole the show in The Village. But according to Overstreet, Shyamalan's script is too weak for even the finest actors to pull off effectively.

In the final analysis, Overstreet gives the movie a "B-". And to be frank, a B- for a Shyamalan film - in my opinion - is worth more than an A for most other directors. But nonetheless, as one who sits anxiously on th edge of his seat for the next Shyamalan movie to come out, I am a wee bit disheartened.

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Michael Schuermann said...

My wife and I are both big Shyamalan fans too! We saw Lady In The Water over the weekend, and both enjoyed it. It's definitely not Shyamalan's best film (by far), but you will definitely enjoy it. It's actually pretty well paced, and has some good humor. All in all, it was a fun time in the theater.

You can see further thoughts of mine here.

Anonymous said...

I liked "Unbreakable" also--except for the obviously rushed ending. I think it would have been a great series. HBO should pick it up and start from the beginning. It would obviously benefit from having more time to show him getting to understand his powers and deciding to be a super hero. Also from having the arch enemy develop more and not get caught in two hours.

Darrell said...

I also love the first three Shyamalan movies. I suppose that Sixth Sense is my favorite simply because I was lucky enough to see it without having had the ending ruined in advance for me (unlike certain people I'm married to), and the ending overwhelmed me emotionally.

I also loved Unbreakable and recently watched it with my nine year old son. It was one of those time when I found myself thinking "He is ready to see this film, and it would be good for him to see this film." He might have been a bit confused by it, but overall I think he enjoyed it.

"Signs" is the only one of Shyamalan's films that actually got me to cry in the theater... it was seeing the Roman Collar (and all that it signified) that did it.

I HATED "The Village." I felt tricked. Betrayed. I still hold a grudge because of that film.

"The Lady In The Water" is M. Night's chance to make it up to me. I both highly anticipate and dread seeing it.

Chaz said...

I loved "Lady in the Water" and actually thought it was the best of the five.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Michael and Chaz, I am happy to see your positive reviews. Looking forward to seeing it myself soon.

Rebekah said...

Lady in the Water was my favorite of all of M. Night's movies.
It blew me away. I sat in the theater while the credits rolled, stunned that I had just seen what I had seen. I guess it just touched a chord in me that it didn't in alot of people, but I'm sure damn glad that he made the movie--probably knowing that it wasn't mass market fare.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

I'm glad you liked it. I still haven't seen it but look forward to.

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