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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Let's Get the Party Started

So Julie and I are now at The Feast in Colorado Springs. This is the 2006 Higher Things Lutheran Youth conference. Both of us are doing mega-sectionals which begin this morning. Mine is a three part thing on The Da Vinci Code. And she is doing one on being a Christian writer along with Miss Adrian Dorr, the Higher Things magazine assistant editor. Read about what Julie and Adrian are up to here.

My stuff on Da Vinci won't be too hard for me because I just did a series on that topic for my congregation. I just had to turn my 4-part series into a 3-part and then youth-ize it.

If you are ever looking for a great cause to support, consider throwing some money at Higher Things. This is an organization committed to in-depth catechesis for the church's young people. This is not an effort to compete with other official synodical youth ministry, but to complement it. We have gatherings like this every summer and they are held all over the country. I believe that in 07, we'll start having them at two locations. These are much smaller than the triennial synodical youth gatherings (only 1500-2000) but are often much less expensive. But if you believe that offering week long retreats packed with fun, worship and study for teenagers is important, pray for Higher Things.

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1 comment:

This Pastor's Wife said...

Just wanted to let you know my husband gave me a run down on the days events and he thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Actually he said something to the effect of it being the best one he's seen thus far (though all have been great).

Thanks for taking part. We look forward to our own young children attending in the future. ;-)

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