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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For "Sola Fide" But Against Antinomianism

A few blurbs from Article III of the Formula of Concord (SD).

These treasures (of Christ) are brought to us by the Holy Spirit in the promise of the Holy Gospel. Faith alone is the only means through which we lay hold on, accept, apply, and take them for ourselves (10).

Nor, on the other hand, is this the meaning: without repentance, conversion and renewal we can or should yield to sins and remain and continue in them. True contrition must come first (22).

Love is a fruit that surely and necessarily also follows true faith. The fact that a person does not love is a sure sign that he is not justified. He is still in death or has lost the righteousness of faith again, as John says (1John 3:14).... Good works do not come before justification but follow it.... (27)

It is also correct to say that believers who have been justified through faith in Christ first have the righteousness of faith credited to them in this life. Then, they also have the initial righteousness of the new obedience or of good works. But these two types of righteousness must not be mixed with each other or both be injected into the article of justification by faith before God. For this initial righteousness or renewal in us is incomplete and impure in this life because of the flesh. A person cannot stand with and on the ground of this righteousness before God's court. Before God's court only the righteousness of Christ's obedience, suffering and death - which is credited to faith - can stand (32)

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Carl said...

I've sometimes wondered what the percentile is in the Mo. Synod as to the pastors who teach that God
makes us righteous" (as in an ongoing "process")as opposed to "God has declared us righteous"
which is the correct doctrine as far as justification goes. On second thought, maybe I would not *want* to know the percentages!!

jazzycat said...

I also posted on this subject. Seems we agree pretty much.


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