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Friday, July 21, 2006

"The Feast" Was Awesome!

I want to report that the weeklong Lutheran youth gathering in Colorado Springs was abso-posi-lutely awesome! Kudos to the hard work of Rev. Marcus Zill and his 10 zillion faithful helpers. Higher Things youth organization is doing a terrific job of training the future of our churches in sound doctrine, biblical knowledge and wisdom for life. I am ALWAYS impressed, not only with the excellence of the conferences, but also with the excellence of the participating youth.

For three days, I lectured on The Da Vinci Code. We covered some heavy duty stuff. The deity of Christ. The development of the biblical canon. Art history. And so forth. But the kids were attentive and engaged. I had numerous participants ask me to send them my PowerPoint presentation. Why? So that they could show it to their family and friends who are being deceived by Dan Brown. RIGHT ON!

So if any of the youth participants who were present and might want a copy of the presentation, just send me your email address and your snail mail address. I will either send it to you via internet (if you have a hi-speed connection) or on a disk. But you have to finish this sentence in an email to me: Dan Brown eats...

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