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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ecumenical Blogging

One of the things I love about blogging is the network of friendships I have found with Christians all over the nation and of varying confessions.

Two blogs that I check every single day and always get a kick out of reading are from Darrell, the devout Roman Catholic, at SouthCon and from Philip, the Southern Baptist youth pastor, over at The Beast's Lair. They are my peeps.

This is true ecumenism, my friends. We have never been afraid to discuss our differences, but I have been delighted by the civility and warmth and supportiveness these blogging buddies have demonstrated. I certainly do not believe in sweeping doctrinal disagreements under the rug, but it has been enlightening to find out how much we share in common.

Don't get me wrong. I have personally never been more convinced of the veracity of the Lutheran Confessions, but I find that when I hang out only with Lutherans of like convictions, we become sort of, well, smug.

I heard someone put it this way. Confessional Lutherans are like manure. When you spread them around they can do a lot of good. But if you put them all in one place, they just make a big stink.

Anyhoo, go check out SouthCon and The Beast's Lair.

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Darrell said...

Ah, shucks. Thanks.

Frank said...

Ditto. I am going to be in the Beast's backyard next week and fired off an email to see if he wanted to get together for dinner. Unfortunatly, he will be packing up to go to a seminary in Kentucky. I have corresponded with him on occasion and he always has been most gracious. There are obviously things we will disagree on, but it is good to know we (Lutherans) aren’t alone in calling Christ Lord.
Lately, the only people I find myself getting frustrated with are those who say they subscribe to a particular doctrine and then say that that same doctrine shouldn't set us apart.

The Beast said...

Thanks for your comments, as you know by now, your blog is a daily read for me as well.

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